How Many Farming Acres In The US - Answer

How Many Farming Acres In The US - 


The USA has 9.2 million acres of farming acres.


The USA currently has 2.1 million farms, accounting for nearly half, 40% to be exact, of all land in the United States. This 2012 estimate is a 4% decline over the amount of farmland in the USA from a 2007 census, so in 2018, at that same rate of decline, that would be 84,000 less farms,  which is 2,016,000 farms in the USA.

The USA has 2.3 billion acres of land, which means if 40% of the land in the USA is farmland, that would mean 9.2 million acres of land in the USA is farmland .

how many farming acres in the usa
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*2012 census
*Total # of acres in the USA