Urban Homestead Store Supply Directory

Urban Homestead Store Directory

Urban homesteading is picking up, so many small urban homestead stores are popping up. Here is a directory of those you may want to visit and shop from. If you know of others, or represent one, contact us at info@mcarthur-group.com to have yours added to the directory

Villagers - Asheville NC - This is a neat little store off of Haywood in Asheville, not only selling homesteading supplies, but also offering classes on fermentation, keeping chickens, gardening, preservation, etc. 

HomeSteaderSupply  is a homestead store based out of Sparta TN, operating an online store selling milking products (like cream separators, milking kits, chillers & cooling tanks, milk cans and totes), canning supplies (burners, jar lids, pectin, canning tools), fermenting (crocks, books, bottles, jars, starter cultures)

Lehman's, Kidron OH (and Online) sells all sorts of items good for homesteading: stoves, kitchen & food supplies, farm, garden, and tools.

Homestead General Store, Waco Tx sells many homesteading products including: Wood Cook Stoves, Rocket Stoves, Dehydrators, Sun Ovens, Hand Crank Mixer, Cast Iron Cookware, Outdoor Cooking, Case Knives, Oil Lamps, Farm & Garden supplies, Non-GMO Feeds, Seeders & Spreaders, Hoss Wheel Hoe, Garden Tools, Reel Mowers, Scythes, Gardening, Farm Wagons, Bird Feeders, Home & Kitchen supplies, Ice Cream Makers, Cheese Making supplies, Bread Making supplies, Soap Making supplies, Hand Washing products, Canning tools & supplies, Grain Mills, Water Filters, kitchenware, Rada Cutlery, Hats, Books on Gardening, Homesteading, & Livestock.