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Flood Barrier

Flood Barrier

Flood Barrier

McArthur Group has recently partnered with Task Green to offer an innovative range of flood barrier defence systems to facilitate a wide range of external flood prevention applications.

Our flood barrier product is manufactured from recycled wood polymer composite material structured with internal cavities providing qualities of superior strength, low maintenance, impervious to water and contamination, and offering long low cost life, recyclable at end of life. It can be drilled, sawn and screwed as timber or glued for permanent fix.


  • Flood Barriers are easily and quickly erected
  • Can accommodate internal cabling for extra security strength, lighting and CCTV
  • Flood barrier posts produced with one slot angled to accommodate varied location and direction
  • Posts and boards can be cut to fit on site
  • Panels can be locked tight and later released or permanently bonded
  • Government agency WRAP has endorsed product
  • Strength, impervious to most chemicals
  • Low maintenance, long life, easily stored
  • Self sealing against water no replaceable seals
  • Absorbs and reflects sound
  • Flood barrier posts have angled groove for erecting panels in variable directions
  • Boards and posts can be sized and cut on site as required
  • Manufactured from recycled materials can be recycled at end of usage.

Flood Barrier Profile Diagrams

Flood Barrier Dimensions
Flood Barrier Dimensions
Flood Barrier Exploded

Flood Warnings

Here we can see the areas in and around the UK that are currently subjected to a risk of flooding.

Please click on the flood alerts on the left to see if your area is effected.

Our flood barrier forms part of our industrial fencing portfolio & are supplied with full technical support.
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