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Bristol 1864 The opening ceremony of the Clifton Suspension Bridge
Bristol, 1864. The opening ceremony of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
Bristol, 1894. The opening ceremony of the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

old style lorry "It's quality that tells" This advertising slogan from the 1930s McArthur catalogue summarizes the philosophy that has contributed to the McArthur success story over the years. Top quality products have been the foundation upon which the company has been built. Our buyers are always on the alert for new products and ones which may be an improvement on an existing line. But products alone do not make a business. Of equal importance to the products are relationships. Relationships with suppliers and relationships with customers. And in this area too, the phrase "It's quality that tells", applies.

A R Dayrell McArthur "Over 150 years ago, my ancestor John McArthur, laid the foundations for a company that grew to become the McArthur Group, today one of the largest family owned groups of companies in the country.

Although many aspects of our work continue in the direction John McArthur envisaged, I think he would have been amazed by the range and scope of the McArthur Group's Activities today."

- A R Dayrell McArthur
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