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Write For Us - On Farming, Agriculture, Growing, Gardening, Farm & Garden Supplies / Equipment 

To write for us and guest blog on topics related to farming and agriculture, simply email us at info@mcarthur-group.com to pitch your story, idea, or article.

Writer's guidelines: 

  • Must be unique content
  • At least 1000 words
  • About a topic related to farming and 
  • Must include an author bio
  • Must be a hot topic, not something boring

Sponsored Guest Post Advertising

There is a difference between guest writing and submitting a sponsored post for advertising purposes. Sponsored posts link to and in some way promote an item / product or service. Our rates for these kinds of posts start at $100 per post ( negotiable for multiple posts). Contact us to see whether your content is considered guest blogging (free) or a sponsored post.